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Why Choose Pass the Word Ministry

This past weekend, Pastor Dave spoke from the book of John. He referenced of John and his disciples on their quest to find Jesus. When John found Jesus, he declared "Look, the Lamb of God." In your own life, Jesus may not always be as evident if you are not looking for him. More often than not, one expects some divine intervention to step in. What they fail to realize, however, is that Jesus knows you and calls upon you before you were ever even thought of. Jesus went onto say later in the text that he knew Nathanael and saw him under the tree before Philip had even called upon him. At that moment, the disciples truly knew he was the Son of God; King of Israel because he had acted as their Rabbi (which means "teacher") and taught them to believe.

When Jesus provides a teaching moment, you have to want to know him to truly apply it to your life. In my own life, I had experienced many teaching moments that I had been struggling to make sense of. The loss of a parent, an unexpected trip, and an even greater opportunity to give back. Following the loss of my mother, I was faced with the overwhelming task of ensuring that her life and the things in it went to good use. It was hard imagining just carelessly tossing her things when I knew how many people were in need even on the Monterey Peninsula alone. After having a conversation, I came to know of Pass the Word Ministry and one of the drives they were hosting to provide clothes to those in need. With that having been said, I also had an impending trip approaching that my mother had been adamant I go on. I was scared, but I felt good knowing that she would be proud of not only my courage but my efforts to help those in need. What I failed to realize was that upon getting back, something profound would happen.

When I got back from my trip, I had the clarification for Jesus to provide another teaching moment for me. I had just attended my first full week of class and had learned I would need to "give back" throughout this semester, but I did not think much of it. The weekend following, I got the most amazing call; someone had come to Pass the Word's Saturday volunteering in my mother's clothing for the very first time. This may seem insignificant to some, but it meant the world to me because I came to know the hope that Pass the Word Ministry provides, as I was making a difference to better someone else's life. This was probably the moment that it connected within me that Jesus was calling upon me and providing a "teaching" moment. Jesus provides opportunities in your life to give back. He plans your will and your path before you ever even know what is to occur. Jesus saw me struggling with the loss of my mother before I ever even knew of what was to come. He saw me "under the fig tree" and had prepared the path for me to seek him.

In that time alone, I thought I had experienced my calling but failed to realize that I would come to "see greater things than that." Just donating alone had created an unbelievable desire to be a part of a group of people capable of so many great works. Just going to church is not the only way to find Jesus's plan for you. "Church," in Greek, means a gathering of people and in our case, one with a shared belief. Jesus promised that he would show himself whenwe gathered, not where. If you are seeking to find your church or "gathering of people," consider Pass the Word Ministry as it provides not only the opportunity to provide hope to those in need but also come to know the plans that God has in store for you.

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